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Top 5 Video Games I Wish Were Books

I wrote another post about whether or not I think video games are the same as books. No matter how captivating the video games that my husband had shown me were, I found myself constantly saying “I wish this was a book”. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to sit in front of a screen for numerous hours in order to get the full story and can just hold it in my hand and read at my own convenience. Either way, future authors, please read this and make my wish come true!

These are the top 5 video games I wish were books:

1. Silent Hill

As much as the game itself terrifies me, I really enjoy the story behind it. The town of Silent Hill has a gruesome history of cults and sacrifice. Alessa is the symbol for darkness as she changes this foggy, gray town into a horrifying, never-ending nightmare full of the most dreadful monsters. I think if a really good author, who is well versed in the horror genre, got their hands on this, it could be turned into a gripping tale as Harry tries to find his daughter Cheryl and uncover the numerous secrets behind Silent Hill. I would even take a story on just the history of Silent Hill and the beliefs of the cults and the meaning behind each of the monsters. What makes Alessa such an interesting yet scary character is that she is just a child, but that doesn’t stop her from enacting her revenge.

2. The Last of Us

Due to an outbreak of the Cordyceps fungus in the United States, humanity is almost extinguished by mutant zombie creatures. This story follows Joel after losing his daughter Sarah who was shot by a soldier during the chaos of the outbreak. 20 years later, he is cold and distant and works as a smuggler with his partner, Tess, until they get an interesting assignment from the Fireflies: transport Ellie to a research facility. Ellie is so far the only known person who is immune to the events of the fungus. I think this could make such an incredible book because the character development of Joel from beginning to end is just so well done. Even with the loss of his daughter Sarah, Ellie grows from annoying teenager along from the ride to a daughter-like figure in his life that finally gives him meaning again.

3. Shadow of Mordor

This game actually takes place between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Even though that is the case, I feel like this video game is so unique and interesting and deserving of its’ own stand alone novel. Talion, along with his wife and son, are chosen and captured to be sacrificed by the Black Hand in order to summon the wrath of the Elf Lord Celebrimbor. Unfortunately, Celebrimbor instead merges with Talion causing him to survive while his family dies. The game follows Talion as he searches for the Black Hand for revenge. I think this could be such a great book because of his adventures fighting Orcs during his journey to find the Black Hand. I also think it would be interesting because I remember watching my husband play and he had to be strategic about which Orcs to fight and which to secretly recruit in order to find more information on how to find the Black Hand. As a book, I think it would be interesting to read more of his own inner dialogue of his rage at the Black Hand for what they did to his family.

4. Fallout 4

Set in the year 2287, it has been 210 years after the Great War between the United States and China where they fought over natural resources and caused a nuclear holocaust that wiped out humanity. The Sole Survivor is the main character who has been frozen alive for the past 210 years to find this post-apocalyptic place. I would love to see this as a book for two main reasons. One is because I love post-apocalyptic stories… there is just something about the world ending that just gets me so excited. Two is because it is set in Massachusetts. I am from Boston, born and raised all my life, and I think it would be so interesting to read about how an apocalypse would look and feel in Boston. When Sole Survivor goes to “Diamond City” which is based on the ruins of Fenway Park, I just knew if this was a book they could get so creative on their descriptions of how Boston would look in this world. Would the Charles River be dried up and forgotten? Would the Boston Public Library just be a pile of rubble? Would the beautiful Boston Commons look more like a deserted and ravenous jungle? Someone needs to write this book so I can know!!

5. Resident Evil Series

Okay so this one is cheating. There actually is a novelization of the video game series written by S. D. Perry. However, I honestly didn’t think they were very good. When I say I want a book that was based off a video game, I don’t mean just a play by play novelization and that is exactly what this series is. It even includes the puzzles from the games. I am wishing for a well-thought out book that is influenced on the resident evil series. The T-virus, the spread of infection, the different characters and their character development, and the true rationale behind The Umbrella Company. Throughout the games, the virus is constantly changing in its’ effects, becoming more lethal as time goes on. I think the games itself has done a great job in imagining the viruses that create these zombies, and if a seasoned author like Rhiannon Frater or even Jonathan Maberry got their hands on this, it could turn into one of the most successful zombie series.

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