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The Lost World Book Review - Dinosaurs vs. Humans Round 2, FIGHT!

by Michael Crichton

Published in 1995

*Spoilers Warning*

So while I did enjoy the first movie adaptation Jurassic Park, the sequel The Lost World is really not all that interesting in comparison. Not that Jeff Goldblum isn’t Ian Malcolm incarnate, but it just isn’t enough to carry through the entire movie. The Lost World book by Michael Crichton is very similar in that sense where it’s just the book sequel to Jurassic Park that I enjoyed reading, but really didn’t need.

Book Summary:

The Lost World begins 4 years after the events of Jurassic Park. Ian Malcolm, who survived Jurassic park, teams up with Richard Levine to find a “lost world” where dinosaurs still roam after tales of strange animal corpses washing up on the shores of Costa Rica reach them. As they go to Isla Sorna, they discover that this is actually Site B from InGen where they hatched and grew dinosaurs that would be moved over to Jurassic Park. With no one left to take care of the park, the dinosaurs naturally take over the island and begin reproducing. Investigating the island reveals the dinosaurs have completely adapted to the environment, making it more dangerous to travel around. Also on the island is another group who is looking to steal dinosaur eggs for Biosyn who is the rival company of InGen (remember them, caused all kinds of trouble in Jurassic Park). They bring Sarah Harding along before pushing her from the boat upon arrival. She manages to survive and meets with Malcolm’s group where she informs them of Dodgson’s group and their intention to take eggs.

Dodgon’s group is attacked by a pair of T. Rexes before they run deeper into the island. Malcolm’s group finds an injured T. Rex baby that they bring back to camp in order to help with the broken leg. Just as they finish, they are attacked by the parent T. Rexes who were looking for their baby. One of the kids that attends is taken by raptors that the group needs to go rescue. They find that he was brought to the raptor baby nest and just barely manage to escape when rescuing him. They all try to wait it out until morning for the helicopter that will meet them. After another tense night of dinosaurs (Carnotaurus that can change color like a chameleon… now we know where Jurassic World stole that idea from), they miss the helicopter but manage to find a boat and get off the island. After leaving they learn that the dinosaurs will not likely survive long on the island due to being fed items that are getting them all sick. But as we know from what Ian Malcolm said, “Life, uh, finds a way.”

Final Rating & Thoughts: 7/10

There’s two things I love in this world and it’s zombies and dinosaurs. I have no idea why but those are just terrifying to me! Even though I know I won’t be encountering dinosaurs anytime soon (please!), there’s just something about these giant carnivorous creatures that freak me out. I also love how the “star” of the show this time around really was the raptors. The T. Rex still made a few guest appearances but the raptors are the true villains as they are just these savage juvenile creatures that are just fighting for survival, and they fight dirty. I also loved the color changing Carnotaurus - OMG - when I was reading The Lost World and they were like “the leaves blinked” I was shook to my core. I wish that they actually played around more with this in the book as it was really only for one scene and it was terrifying but it was very brief and I think it could have added more complexity and excitement to the rest of the story.

With that being said, this was a sequel that was released only because of the popularity of the first book in the sense that yes it was a sequel but it wasn’t necessary. I felt like it didn’t add anything to the first book or really follow any specific story line from the first book besides someone else coming to steal some dino DNA and fuck shit up. I also felt like that was really repetitive and while it was fun watching them run around the island and just barely escape after stealing dinosaur eggs, I wish that for once they got away with it and we can really experience a Jurassic World! I also felt like it followed the exact same routine as the first book so it honestly felt like I was just rereading Jurassic Park.

Regardless, I would still recommend this book because it’s just a fun summer adventure read. The original novel, Jurassic Park is better in my opinion, but reading The Lost World after is a fun addition. Both books are still better than the movies and they are fun to read in conjunction with the movies because you will see that the movies even up to the new Jurassic World movies have many scenes that are taken directly out of the books. These are my favorite dinosaur fiction kind of novels and to this day I still haven’t found another that does it quite as well as Michael Crichton did.

For those interested in this Jurassic tale, this is available for purchase on Amazon in Paperback or via Kindle.

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