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Something Borrowed Review - Would You Take Your Best Friend's Man?

by Emily Giffin

Published in 2004

*Spoilers Warning*

Something Borrowed is another movie classic me and my mom love watching. Starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, Something Borrowed is the perfect girl’s night in movie! And whenever I love a movie, that means I have to find the book just in case there was anything I was missing. The book wasn’t wildly different from the movie, but it introduced me to the sweet, funny, and wholesome writing of Emily Giffin.

Book Summary:

Something Borrowed begins with Rachel White celebrating her 30th birthday with her best friend Darcy. While she wishes she had been celebrating with a perfect husband, that is not where she stands at 30 years old with a job she loathes at a Manhattan law firm and no love prospects. As much as she loves her best friend Darcy, they have always had an uneven friendship with Darcy always seeming to have luck on her side having a perfect glamorous job at a PR firm and a perfect banker fiance, Dex. As the night progresses, Darcy gets increasingly more drunk to the point that Dex must escort her home. He returns shortly after to recover the purse she left behind only to invite Rachel out for another drink. One drink turns to two turns to bad decisions as they end up back at Rachel’s place and have sex. It isn’t until the morning with Darcy blowing up their phones do they realize the reckless mistake they made. They both decide to lie to Darcy and hide their drunken night from her, even though it immediately begins chewing away at Rachel’s conscious.

Rachel tries evaluating why she even allowed herself to sleep with Dex in the first place. She realizes she has always been jealous of Darcy who could usually have whatever man she can but usually chooses to date guys Darcy likes. She actually was friends with Dex first in law school even though she always denied having feelings for him. However, she now realizes that she’s in love with him and has always been in love with him which makes her feel even more horrible knowing he’s going to end up with Darcy. As if that’s not enough, Dex calls to tell her that while he recognizes he shouldn’t have cheated on Darcy, but he doesn’t regret sleeping with her. Meanwhile, Darcy tries setting Rachel up on a date with Dex’s friend Marcus as they all prepare to go to the Hamptons together for the summer. Rachel enjoys Marcus’ company, but she can’t help but continue to feel jealous at Darcy and Dex interactions so she is thrilled when she is called into work on Memorial Day. This is short lived as Dex offers to take her to the train station and that he’s going to her place the next day - which Rachel knows she should refuse but accepts anyway.

As Rachel and Dex get closer, they enter even deeper into dangerous territory. Dex confesses he has strong feelings for Rachel and Rachel feels she needs to confess what she did to someone and calls up her friend Ethan and spills the beans. Ethan finds it ironic that Rachel has always been the “goody two shoes” yet would have an affair with her best friend’s fiance. He doesn’t tell her she’s wrong though, instead saying Darcy has always acted as if she was better than Rachel and wasn’t always a good friend to begin with. One day with Dex over Rachel’s house, Darcy pops for a surprise visit. While Dex tries hiding, Darcy quickly realizes the truth and storms out ending both her friendship with Rachel and engagement with Dex. Months later, Darcy runs into Rachel who is now in a relationship with Dex and while they are cordial, their friendship is never the same again.

Final Rating & Thoughts: 8/10

As messed up as the premise of Something Borrowed is, I really did enjoy it! This is the kind of book that I think only fellow lovers of drama can enjoy. When I say I like this book I am not saying I like Rachel’s actions or decisions, because I agree, it was completely messed up what she did, especially to her best friend. Does girl code mean nothing?? I just was completely entertained and sucked into the drama because I agree with Ethan, Rachel is supposed to be the typical good girl and yet she broke the cardinal best friend rule. I am also a huge believer that everything done in the darkness will come to the light so I had to keep reading to find out how Rachel would get caught, When Dex’s father catches the two of them together, I was sure that would be the end of it and completely shocked that it wasn’t. However, it was extremely satisfying for Darcy to catch them red-handed herself and be able to blow up on them because it doesn’t matter if she wasn’t always the best friend to Rachel, nobody deserves to be cheated on.

My least favorite part of Something Borrowed was the ending. I get that we are supposed to believe that Dex and Rachel belong together and have since the beginning, but I just can’t get past what the foundation of their relationship will always be - a dirty secret where they broke Darcy’s heart. I just can’t root for them to be together and have that happily ever after ending when they were completely in the wrong. I also didn’t like that they tried using the excuse that “Darcy wasn’t exactly a good friend” either because Rachel was just trying to be a victim somehow in order to justify her actions when in reality she was being a really shitty friend in the end.

Regardless, I still enjoyed reading this novel and watching the chaos unravel. I would recommend this book and others by Emily Giffin because I LOVE her novels. If you are a huge fan of chick-flick movies or romantic comedies, Emily Giffin is the author for you! Her writing is so light hearted and she mixes in drama, emotions, and humor in such a delightful way. Her books are nice easy reads with simple concepts that unravel into crazy situations. Perfect for summer reads! All I know is I hope Dex really was worth it because he really didn’t impress me.

For those interested in this love triangle, this is available for purchase on Amazon in Paperback or via Kindle.

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