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Glass Sword Review

by Victoria Aveyard

Published in 2016

*Spoilers Warning*

I loved the first book so much, I immediately went on Amazon and bought the remaining three books so I could continue the binge. Thank goodness for the 2-day shipping! The second book of the Red Queen series, Glass Sword picks up right where the action left off when Mare and Cal were rescued by the Scarlet Guard and officially on the run from Maven and Queen Elara.

The book begins with Mare and a few members heading to Naercey in order to help rescue the remaining Scarlet Guard members. They are attacked during this time by Maven and his “shield”, hundreds of Reds chained together in front of his army. They all just barely manage to escape, with Shade getting shot in the midst of teleporting people out of the battle area. They arrive at one of the camps set up by the Scarlet Guard and get to meet the Colonel - Farley’s father. He doesn’t trust Silvers so he immediately throws Cal in a Silent Stone cell, which renders his powers useless. Kilorn helps Mare to find and release Cal, which turns out to be a trap as he actually was helping the Colonel lock Mare in there along with Cal. Betrayed by her own best friend… and by Maven… Mare clearly has terrible taste in friends.

Plot twist! Kilorn was actually pretending to betray Mare and instead incapacitates the Colonel in order to let Cal and Mare free. Does that make this betrayception??? They steal one of the Scarlet Guard planes and fly away from the camp. Mare begins the hunt to look for others like her - newbloods, who are Reds with Silver power abilities. Using the list that Julian gave her before he went into hiding, she tries looking for newbloods to recruit them to become apart of the Scarlet Guard. Since Maven had also seen the list before he initially betrayed Mare, he was also hunting them down and even killing them. When Mare stumbles upon one of these bodies, she discovers it is a trap by Maven who brings something he calls a “sounder” who screeches and uses Mare’s electricity against herself leaving lightning scars. He also brands an M on her collarbone. Reading this, I can’t believe I was a #TeamMaven. Now I am like, KILL THE BASTARD!!!

They bring Mare back to another base they are staying at called the “The Notch”. Cal and Mare kiss (finally) as Cal sees the brand and vows to protect Cal. They begin training the newbloods they recruited to help them in their fight against Maven. As they continue their search for more newbloods, Mare starts finding notes left behind on dead newbloods left behind by Maven with the threat that until she surrenders, he will continue murdering newbloods. They find a newblood, Jon, who can see the future and warns them that Maven and Queen Elara are capturing newbloods and disloyal Silvers (including Julian) in their dungeons and studying the newbloods to use them in their battle. Before leaving them, Jon tells them to visit Little Sword Lake first, which is where they discover Cameron, a newblood who had escaped the Corros prison. She has the ability to silence the powers of those around them, even sometimes severely enough to kill.

Cameron joins them in the rescue mission because they have her brother captive still. However, her and Mare don’t really get along since Cameron doesn’t trust anyone in their group. They arrive at the prison and it is a huge chaotic battle scene. Really now, it wouldn’t be part of the Red Queen series without some good old fashioned battles. During this battle, Mare kills Queen Elara, however Shade also gets killed (for real this time) while trying to protect his sister. Farley is furious because she may be pregnant with Shade’s child and felt his death was preventable. Mare begins recording videos to be broadcasted for the Scarlet Guard and shows Queen Elara’s decapitated head. This must really piss off Maven because later on Maven captures them all and agrees to let the rest free if Mare is kept as prisoner, which she agrees to.

Final Rating: 10/10

Again, I loved this book!! I was so happy to read this book because the first of the series was just so strong and thankfully this book was just as strong as the first. Mare, Cal, and Maven are only a few of the interesting characters in this series and I love the way they give them adequate attention to their inner struggles and motivations. Since this is a full 4 book series, I am also glad that they don’t stay as the focus the entire time, otherwise that can get old so fast. The introduction (and death) of Shade was so interesting because besides Mare, he is the second newblood we get to see. The power to teleport is incredibly cool, Mare please don’t electrocute me for saying this, but I thought it was such a useful power during their battles when he noticed they might be losing and just teleport everyone out of there.

Another new character introduced is Cameron. She is such a fresh and feisty addition to the series because she displays very similar personality traits as Mare. They are both stubborn and headstrong and powerful, which naturally means they both butt heads often. However, instead of it reading as butting heads in a menacing way, it is almost in a sisterly way. Mare has this revolutionary way of thinking where she wants to make significant moves in order to make a big difference. Cameron views things on a more individual, almost selfish way of thinking which balances out because it helps Mare think of the individuals involved and how the consequences can affect them not just her. She is a character that we can immediately stand behind.

I also loved the addition of the other newbloods! We only got a taste in the first book with Mare being the only identified newblood but in this book we get newbloods galore! From silencing powers to extreme strength to perfect photographic memory to looking into the future - there is definitely some powerful newbloods afoot. We see how most of them don’t even understand their own powers and Cal is able to help train them on how to properly control their powers. They are no longer just the Scarlet Guard full of Reds unfairly fighting against powerful Silvers because it is now an even playing field with powers on both sides.

Overall, I would recommend this book to others! This perfectly compliments the first book and takes it to the next level in the story. There are few things that feel unnecessary and it just builds on the foundation from the first book. It is also just so satisfying when Queen Elara finally dies. There is a short stories collection that is written by Victoria Aveyard titled Cruel Crown that I think is a fun read when thinking about Cal’s mom versus Queen Elara because it showed how Cal’s mom went insane from the manipulation of Queen Elara’s mind powers. It only shows how powerful she truly was and in spite of that, the Scarlet Guard was still able to defeat her. However, now that Mare has been captured, we know that Maven is about to torture her as revenge in the next book.

For those ready to see Queen Elara taken down, this is available for purchase on Amazon in Paperback or via Kindle.

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