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Dear Girls Review - The Good, The Bad, The Hilarious

by Ali Wong

Published in 2019

Ali Wong has been a successful female comedian over the past few years with her honest, raunchy, and hilarious stand-up comedy specials on Netflix. Before she was the famous Ali Wong, she was just someone trying to live her best hilarious life on the road to fame. In Dear Girls, she goes over some of her story and journey to fame and some of the important life lessons to share with her daughters… when they are over 21 of course! Not for the faint of heart but full of good laughs, Dear Girls is a must read in 2020.

Book Summary:

Dear Girls is a self reflection after Ali Wong has given birth to her second daughter. With the passing of her own father, it made her realize that she didn’t ask enough questions or get much insight into her father’s life, decisions, and advice. With her two daughters on her mind, she decided to write Dear Girls to fill in some stories from her life that made her the way she is along with life advice for them to keep to heart. She begins by telling them how she trapped their father and the relationships she had before she met their father. She gets honest about motherhood from the moment she knew she wanted to be a mother, to the vigorous process of getting pregnant, and the horribly graphic details of childbirth that nobody ever seems to actually share. She pairs this with advice for when they have children including important lessons like “steal the hospital diapers” and “let the nursing staff take care of your kids because once you’re gone… you will wish someone watched your kids so you could sleep”. She talks about her experience traveling to different places, trying out different foods, and her experiences with love and sex. By the end, she has filled the gap from childhood to today as she reflects on her many successes and many failures on the comedy road and how hard she worked to make it as a comedian. This is a beautiful love story to her children… but she specifically says not until they are 21! There are some things no child should know about their mother until they are older!

Final Rating & Thoughts: 8/10

For those that are a huge fan of Ali Wong’s stand-up specials, this is a must read! Dear Girls is a comedy stand-up special in written form as it is filled with hilarious stories and commentary as she gets down to the nitty gritty of life. I couldn’t stop laughing from the first sentence to the last as Ali Wong marries together honesty and hilarity within her stories. This also reminds the readers of all the work and love she puts into what she does, seeing that this was never meant to be a road to stardom, but an opportunity to make others laugh. While it could get quite graphic and dirty in some of her stories (peeing on her husband while he trims her pubes), those who watch Ali Wong are used to these kind of stories and find it funny just the same. I will carry around that advice on giving birth for the rest of my life! And for those that prefer not to read their jokes… Ali Wong narrates her own audible and it is an absolute treat to hear! Get ready for lots of laughter!

For those interested in this hilarious reflection, this is available for purchase on Amazon in Paperback or via Kindle.

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