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Books vs. Kindles - Which is Better?

I have always loved physical books. I love how they feel. I love how they smell. I love to admire the creative covers and flip the pages. I love the satisfying feeling as you realize you are halfway, three quarters, finished with the book. For years, this has been the only way to read. Over the past several years however began the introduction of e-readers. I first tried an e-reader when my parents bought me a Nook for Christmas when I was 17 years old. As excited as I was to try it, I felt like the books from Barnes & Noble were way too expensive and it died so frequently and was overall not the experience I was expecting. Within only a few months, I returned the Nook to my parents and went right back to the library and reading physical books.

My husband constantly saw me lugging back books from the library and ordering books from Amazon and thought it must be an inconvenience to have these huge masses of books all the time. I had books under the bed, on the dresser, in the closet, and just about everywhere you could think of. Even though he bought me a huge bookcase, it was clear I could easily outgrow that space too. For my birthday in 2018, he decided to buy me an Amazon Kindle. As grateful as I was (and still am, thank you honey!), I couldn’t help but remember my poor experience with the Nook.

My husband, being the tech savvy person in the relationship, made sure he did his homework to address my complaints before I could even begin them. Yes, it was small, but it made it that much easier to transport and fit in my purse easily. Yes, I had to charge it but because of the way it conserved energy, I would only have to do so once every few weeks instead of every other night like the Nook. No, it is not the same experience as the physical books but imagine the unlimited amount of books I could read and never have to worry about shelf space again. All of a sudden, my husband turned into the ultimate Amazon Kindle Salesman.

I have grown to love my kindle, but I still haven’t fully switched over. When reflecting on why I haven’t, here are the pros of books and kindles:

Overall, they both really have a lot of pros and cons about them. I don’t think I will ever be ready to fully switch over to the Amazon Kindle but I have to say the Amazon Kindle has its hooks in me too. I think using both would be beneficial for all readers because I think they both have excellent pros that can change your reading game. When I want to have a cup of tea, grab my fuzzy socks, and read on the couch with my dog, I am definitely grabbing a physical book to go along with it. But if I am traveling and know I want to read at least four books on my vacation, there is no doubt about it I am grabbing that Kindle and it is living by my side the entire time. I think the beauty of this technology is that it doesn’t have to be a choose one or the other situation.

It is 2019 - why not enjoy the best of both worlds!

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